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Rommana Global Limited License Option

System Requirements(see Read ME file for details)

Rommana ALM Global can be installed on any machine running any windows operating system. Rommana can be accessed from any machine running Internet Explorer. You may of course install Rommana ALM Global and access it on a single user machine.

Server Requirements
  • A valid SMTP server for Rommana to send email notifications. This will be requested during the installation of Rommana. If the SMTP Server requires authentication, then the login user name and password will be required.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS version 5.1 or higher)
  • SQL Server Express, SQL Server 2000 or higher, on the application server or another remote server. Rommana will prompt to install SQL Server Express, if no SQL Server is available
  • .Net Framework 3.5 or higher
  • Disk Space Minimum 1GB
  • Memory: minimum 2GB RAM
  • IIS ports: The Rommana installer will always try to install Rommana on the default website on your server. Please see Read Me file for details.

  • For Five Users: $4,500 Annual License Plus $900 annual tech support
  • For Ten Users: $9,000 Annual License Plus $1,800 annual Tech Support

Technical Support

Annual fee charged at 20% of the cost of the total number of licenses purchased.Technical support includes:

  • Unlimited Internet support
  • Unlimited call back from our support center
  • Unlimited upgrades with new features and enhancements

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If you use Rommana ALM Global to upgrade an already installed Rommana Team, the number of users will be downgraded from 5 to zero. Activating Rommana ALM Global for a specific number of users will require a purchased license.

The following versions of Rommana ALM Global are available depending on your operating system:

If you encounter any problem during the installation process, please refer to the Read Me file or click on Support and submit an issue to our technical team.

Rommana ALM Global 32 bit  (Disk Space 80.1 MB)
Rommana ALM Global 64 bit   (Disk Space 106 MB)
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