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Rommana ALM is a native web-based application which is available either as Cloud Subscription or Licensed.
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Could Subscription vs. Licensed
Cloud Subscription (Click for Prices) Licensed (Click for Prices)
  • No download or installation of any software on your server - Rommana runs on our own servers
  • Project database is hosted on a private database on our database server or any other server hosted at your site
  • You may purchase subscription to any number of users for any period of time
  • Minimum is five users subscription for one year
  • Technical support and upgrades are included in the subscription
  • Software is downloaded and installed on Windows server - see system requirements.
  • Project database is hosted on your own SQL server database either on the application server or on a different server
  • You may purchase either unlimited-term license or limited-term licence
  • Minimum five user license
  • Additional 20% annual charge for support and upgrades
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