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Subscribing to Rommana ALM Global service in the cloud is simple, worry-free, and just common sense. Rommana ALM Global in the cloud supports the same features available in the Download option (click here for details)

  • Manage every aspect of your project in the Cloud.
  • No Hardware or administration overhead.
  • No installation and no downloads.
  • No third party software to buy or maintain.
  • Your project data will be kept secure and no one will be able to access your project data except you and your team members.
  • We will transfer your data to a purchased version of Rommana Global.
  • Even technical support and feature upgrade is included

$100 per user per month. Minimum 5 user for one year subscription is required.

Technical Support: Included

Technical support includes:

  • Unlimited Internet support
  • Unlimited call back from our support center
  • Unlimited upgrades with new features and enhancements

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