Rommana ALM Global Features

The following features are supported on all three options: Unlimited Term License, Limited Term License, and Cloud Subscription. More features are added on a regular basis based on client requests and priorities of features. Many of the features supported on the free version, Rommana Team, have been enhanced for Rommana Global.

  • Requirement Management
  • Test Management
  • Use Case Management
  • Change Management
  • Issue Management
  • Project Management
  • Release Management and Iteration Management
  • Collaboration management
  • Integration with QTP
  • Integration with Jira
  • Integration with SVN for code version control
  • Importing requirements from Excel
  • Creating Ad hoc Tests from Use Case Scenarios and Non-Use Case Scenarios
  • Global importing of requirements from word documents, text documents, and excel
  • Enhanced project management dashboard
  • Elaborate canned Reporting