Overview of Rommana ALM

Rommana ALM is a full lifecycle tool intended to be used from the project inception through the final testing of a project. The focus of Rommana ALM is traceability from requirements to test cases with all the supporting documents such as change requests and issue reports. Rommana implements support for the software process taught by the International Institute for Software Testing (IIST). If you have received training from IIST, the concepts implemented in Rommana ALM will be familiar to you.

Rommana ALM is an Egyptian word for a pomegranate, our symbol of quality, value, and integration.

Rommana ALM uses a central repository to store artifacts created by members of the project team throughout the software project.

Rommana ALM maximizes collaboration between all members of the project team as well as customers by providing a seamless fully integrated interface for all project functions.

Rommana ALM is a web-based system that gives access to the project repository by team members and customers 24/7 around the globe. 

Rommana ALM

Rommana ALM comes bundled with its own SQL Server Express engine. You may also configure Rommana ALM during installation to use your own licensed copy of SQL Server.

Overview Tutorials

It is recommended that anyone using Rommana ALM go through the overview tutorials first. The overview tutorials cover all the concepts in Rommana and shows how they are implemented. Then, as you use the product, use the help system as needed.

There are a number of tutorials on the Rommana website. These tutorials include “quick start” tutorials to get you up and running quickly. There are also tutorials on the Rommana ALM methodology as well as an ever growing number of tutorials on specific Rommana topics. When viewing the tutorials try using the F11 key to toggle to full screen viewing.