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Best ALM Tools

best alm tools
ALM tools help project teams gain control over their projects through the following capabilities:
  • Maximizing collaboration between team members.
  • Providing full traceability between projects artifacts.
  • Eliminating the need for tedious and unnecessary documentation.

What Application Lifecycle Management Tools really are?

There has been a lot of misunderstanding about ALM tools and what they really are. Some people think that a configuration management tool, a requirement tool, a bug tracking tool, or any tool that performs a task within a project is an ALM software. The term ALM refers to the management of ALL phases of the application lifecycle in one tool. Integration between the different phases and full treatability between all project artifacts is a must. Rommana ALM was awarded the Best ALM software by RQX Global over 33 other ALM tools.

Some of the best ALM tools support at least the following components:

Total Integration

The Above components must be fully integrated in one tool with one repository where all artifacts produced by these components are stored. The Meta Data of such repository must maintain the relationships between these artifacts.

Total Traceability

As a result of the total integration through a single repository, the ALM tool shall provide total traceability between the different artifacts. This traceability allows project teams to manage the relationships between artifacts through different reports.

Seamless User Interface

In addition to total integration and total traceability, ALM tool must allow users to interact with all components and functionality using the same seamless common user interface.