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Bug Tracking Tools / Issue Tracking Tools

bug tracking tools The bug tracking tools in Rommana ALM not only supports all functionality that are supported by other issue tracking tools but also provides traceability of bug reports to test cases, use cases, and requirements. This traceability in a bug tracking software, which is enabled by the full integration of Rommana, makes issue management in Rommana ALM one of the best bug tracking tools.

Some of the capabilities of Bug Tracking/Issue Tracking tools in Rommana ALM include:

  • Create issue reports that are linked to test cases, test scenarios, use cases, and requirements.
  • Create ad hoc Issue Reports that may or may not be associated with requirements or test cases.
  • Maintain an Issue Report Lifecycle throughout the testing and development phases
  • Manage the relationship between issue reports and test cases.
  • Provide up to date detailed status of issue reports and progress on handling them
  • Allow developers to provide impact analysis information for each fix for the test team to use for effective regression testing
  • Allow for tracking estimated and actual hours for working with issues
  • Plan Issue fixes for specific release and specific iterations
  • Define custom attributes for Issue Reports

These features make bug tracking tools in Rommana ALM on of the best bug tracking tools