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RommanaTM Pre-recorded Webinars

Below is a list of pre-recorded online webinars that have taken place in the past. We will be posting more as they are recorded. If you would like to attend a free online live webinar please click here.

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Title Speaker Recording Date
ALM for the Medical Industry and FDA Computer Software Assurance - CSA Dr. Magdy Hanna 11/05/2021 Listen Now
Gaining Control of Product and Process Quality with Integrated ALM Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/22/2021 Listen Now
Acceptance Criteria Vs Scenarios - Writing Better User Stories Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/08/2021 Listen Now
Managing User Stories for Effective Development and Testing With Rommana ALM Dr. Magdy Hanna 10/01/2021 Listen Now
Scenario Based Development and Testing-Doing it Right the First Time Dr. Magdy Hanna 05/21/2020 Listen Now
Feature-Based Project Management for Agile and Non-Agile Projects Dr. Magdy Hanna 05/24/2019 Listen Now
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