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Change management tools are essential for any software project. When customers wish to make a change in the system behavior, they normally express the change in the form of a Change Request. Most change management tools and change management software support the concept of a change request. Sometimes, the desired change is in a feature that was already released in a previous release of the software and sometimes the change is in a feature that is currently being implemented in the current project. Some might think that change management tools are only needed in projects that use a traditional waterfall model but not in projects using the agile approach. This is a misconception. In fact, change management software is critical for any project whether it is agile or waterfall.

In all cases, the change request submitted by a customer must be reviewed by the project manager, the release manager, or someone who is responsible for the release and the features included in the release and sometimes might have to be approved by some level of management. Once approved, a change request might be used to create a new requirement or a user story or it might be used to create a new version of an existing requirement or a user story.

Using the Rommana Change Management Tool you can:

  • Create change requests to make a change to an existing requirement or to define a new feature
  • Associate change requests to existing requirements to create new versions of the requirement
  • Allow developers to provide impact analysis information for each change request for the test team to use for effective regression testing
  • Import changes requests between projects and releases
  • Import change requests from Word documents
  • Define approval authorities for change requests and monitor approval status
  • Conduct online collaborative reviews and seek approval of change requests
  • Define custom attributes for Change Requests