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Use Case Tools

use case toolsUse Case tools help project teams create use cases as an accurate model of the interactions between actors in the application being developed. Use Case tools in Rommana ALM also allows the test team to create test cases for testing the application being developed.

Using the Rommana Use Case Tools component you can:

  • Define use cases to provide more details for a requirement
  • Define use case scenarios for both development and testing
  • Separate Success and Failure Scenarios for positive and negative testing
  • Auto-validate use cases for completeness
  • Maintains the traceability between Requirements, Use Cases, Scenarios and Test Cases
  • Create Test Cases and test scripts directly from Use Case Scenarios
  • Trace Use Cases and Use Case Scenarios back to code modules stored in version control tools
  • Conduct online collaborative reviews of Use Cases and Use Cases Scenarios
  • Define custom attributes for Use Cases