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Testing Tools and Test Management Tools

testing tools The testing tools in Rommana ALM provides capabilities for test case management tools in a far superior way over any existing test management tools in the market. Using the Rommana test management tools, you can perform the following activities:
  • Follow SBDT™, a Scenario-Based methodology for Development and Testing, to design test scenarios,test cases, and test scripts.
  • Create test cases based on use case scenarios
  • Create test scenarios based formal models such as Decision Tables and State Models.
  • Maintain the traceability between requirements, scenarios, test cases, tests sets, and test scripts
  • Maintain pass/fail status on the test case level, the test set level, and the requirement level
  • Submit automated scripts to be executed in HO UFT
  • Maintain tight integration with UFT through Rommana Test Execution Controller
  • Pull test results from UFT to create status reports with Rommana
  • Integration with Jira and Bugzilla to link bug reports with Rommana ALM test cases
The above features making testing tools in Rommana ALM one of the best testing tools in the market.