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Rommana ALM News


Rommana Software CEO, Featured on the cover of CIO Review

November 18, 2020 -- Rommana Software is recognized by CIO Review as Defining the Era of Feature-Based Project Management. Read the full article here.

Rommana ALM has Been Selected by Insights Success Magazine as One of the Ten Most Innovative ALM Solutions

December 20, 2017 -- Rommana Software has been selected by the Insights Success magazine as one of the 10 most innovative ALM Solution. Read the full article here

Rommana Software Featured in the Silicon Review

June 1, 2017 -- Dr. Magdy Hanna, CEO of Rommana Software has been recently interviewed by the Silicon Review magazine. Read the full article here

Rommana Software, The Leader in ALM Tools, Launches a Series of Educational Webinars To Cover Every Aspect of Application Lifecycle Management

September 19, 2016 --"The purpose of these educational webinars is to help the software community understand what Application Lifecycle Management really is and what full integration means in the context of ALM tools", says Dr. Magdy Hanna, Chief Architect of Rommana ALM. Currently, Rommana Software has scheduled webinars on agile testing, agile project management, and agile and non-agile requirement management. To see a list of upcoming webinars, click here. These webinars provide essential practices in all aspects of the software lifecycle. They are our way of promoting effective practices in project management, test management, use case management, requirement management, change management, and issue management. "Although all these practices are supported by the Rommana ALM methodology and tool, they are all essential and important practices that must be adopted by every project to avoid project failures and to maximize the chances of delivering reliable systems that meet customer expectations", say Hanna. Read the full release

Rommana Software annonces the release of Rommana ALM Global 15.1

April 30, 2015 -- Rommana Software has just announced the release of Rommana ALM Global 15.1. "We have taken our patent-pending Requirement-Based Project Management to the next level in this release.", Says Dr. Magdy Hanna, Rommana Software CEO and Chief Architect. According to release notes of Rommana ALM 15.1, a number of project management reports are designed to provide project managers and agile coaches with all that they need to effectively manage projects based on features. These include the Interactive Project Timeline and the Interactive Task Duration Report. According to Dr.. Hanna, the Requirement-Based Project Management represent a total change in the project management discipline. "Task-Oriented project management as supported by tools like MS Project is a total non-sense", says Dr. Hanna.

Rommana Software announces the release of Rommana ALM 14.2

June 30, 2014 -- Rommana Software has just announced the release of Rommana ALM Global 14.2. "In this released, we focused on the requirement review and approval processes", Says Dr. Magdy Hanna, Rommana Software CEO and Chief Architect. "Team members can now initiate the review of individual requirements or groups of requirements. A project manager or agile coach can now define the approval authority for requirements or user stories. Rommana ALM enforces the approval workflow is defined by the project manager.

Rommana Software announces the release of Rommana ALM 14.1

March 30, 2014 -- Rommana Software has just announced the release of Rommana ALM Global 14.1. The focus of this release is Interactive Dynamic Dashboards. The Dashboards provide a project manager with the ability to display customized statistics and reports, says Magdy Hanna, Rommana Software CEO and Chief Architect.

Rommana Software awarded a Contract with the United States Army

November 30, 2013 -- A United States Army division awarded Rommana Software a contract for licensing Rommana ALM to be used in mission-critical systems.

Rommana ALM receives three Major Awards by RQX Global

August 30, 2013 -- In a recent comparative study of 33 ALM and Requirement Management tools conducted by RQX Global, Rommana ALM was awarded the Best ALM Tool, the Requirement Management Tools, and the Best Cloud Solution. The study has given Rommana ALM the highest score of 7.1.

Rommana Software announced the full integration with Bugzilla

June 30, 2013 -- Rommana Software announces that Rommana ALM now provides full integration with Bugzilla. Similar to Rommana ALM integration with Jira, the integration with Bugzilla allows Rommana ALM users who are still using Bugzilla for bug reporting to maintain all bug reports in Bugzilla and link them to test cases, scenarios, requirements, use stories, and use cases maintained in the Rommana ALM repository.

Rommana Software Announces the Release of Rommana ALM 12.2 with Much More Methodology Support and Guidance

October 28, 2012 -- Rommana Software just announced the release of Rommana ALM 12.2 with a new Workflow module that gives complete methodology guidance. The Rommana Workflow takes ALM tools in a new direction where a consultant is no longer needed to mentor project teams.

Rommana Integrated Application Lifecycle Manger Ranks #2 in a Survey of Requirements Management Tools

June 16, 2012 -- Rommana Software announced today that a recent study performed by RQX Requirements Tool kit, an independent analysis and professional development company specialized in requirements management, gave Rommana the second highest score among all 16 requirement tools included in the study.

Rommana Software Announces the Availability of Rommana Team Totally Free For Public Use

November 18, 2011 -- Rommana Software announced today the availability of Rommana Team, its web-based fully integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software totally free for public use.